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Regulation of 83,000 Chemicals Moves Forward

In late April 2010 both houses of Congress were motivated to move the Safe Chemicals Act (SCA) forward in response to constituents who want the 83,000 chemicals to which Americans are exposed tested, studied and banned when appropriate.

Ready to Plug In Your Tenant’s Leaf?

Certainly the use of electric cars provides an opportunity for a homeowner with a 120Volt outlet in the garage – and those with charging stations set up at work – but what about apartment residents? If predictions are correct, within a few years over 25 million vehicles are going to need plug-ins.

A Free 12-Step Program for Climate Abusers

Let’s face it.  Until we admit we have a problem we won’t make any progress.  Our feeble attempts to cut back or even our best-intentioned half-measures to compensate for energy mismanagement will merely serve to camouflage the real problem. Time is not on our side. We are hurting our families, our communities, our environment and ourselves, yet we seem powerless to stop.  To me this [...]

EPA: Parking Reduction 101

It is estimated that each time residential density doubles, auto ownership falls by 32% to 40% when more destinations can be reached on foot or bicycle. Of course, in a built environment de-constructing a lot is less practical than new construction. However, it is worth considering approaching your city planners with a proposal to ask for a reduction in your property’s required parking.

The EPA Has Proposed Lead-Paint Rule Changes

The EPA has proposed change the lead-paint rules and definition from 5,000 parts per million to 600 parts per million to the chagrine of the multifamily housing industry. Objections to the proposed rules change, required as part of a lawsuit settlement brought by the Sierra Club and other advocacy groups, will take place in April 2010.