Pitching Green to Management

Emphasizng the financial benefits of green property management may offer the best results for green renters

Recently I was contacted by a renter who lives in an apartment complex where “the management company is pretty dense when it comes to green alternatives”. He  said he planned to use information from Green Landlady to “pitch them on some ideas”.

I told him I thought it was wonderful that he was going to try to educate management and here’s what he needed to emphasize: lower expenses and higher income.

While going green for the sake of the world might seem reason enough for any company to implement sustainable property management practices, the simple fact of the matter is apartment building ownership is a business.  And in order to stay in business, owners and management companies must turn a profit.  They can’t spend or invest money in a property without understanding that there will be a return on that investment.  So what does that mean for a green renter?

It means green residents may need to educate property managers or association boards about the financial benefits of going green in order to get them on board.  To help you do just that I have put together a fairly short list of articles that you may wish to share with management:

We published a 5-part series on saving water, here is the link to part one:

Other water conservation articles of interest to management:

Energy efficiency, a huge concern for those of us focused on greenhouse gases emissions, but often an afterthought for management:

Keep in mind that even the most well meaning managers are having trouble finding financing for large scale improvement projects, so the aforementioned suggestions tend to focus on no and low cost fixes.

Good luck and please let me know what your experience was.  We can all learn from what goes well and what doesn’t work.

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